About Us

We set out to create a brand that embodied a feeling of fun, being free, almost whimsical, enjoying the sunshine, ocean, fresh air, a sense of warmth. To us, the name Willow Bay embodies all of these things.

We draw our inspiration from this beautiful countryside, our travels and by listening to our customers needs & wants.

We love experimenting with beautiful fabrics to create unique yet timeless pieces.

Willow Bay Australia is a company with heart, passion and drive and we take great pride in treating each and every one of our customers with the utmost care.

- Tammy & Hayley (Founders)


Willow Bay offers a collection of beautifully curated bags that are, by necessity, both functional and versatile.

Born out of a need for practical options that adapted to a range of lifestyles, seamlessly incorporating functionality with beauty and fashion.

The Willow Bay collection showcases the beauty and versatility of a range of materials including neoprene, faux leather, linen and cotton. Utilising a variety of beautiful fabrics, Willow Bay continues to explore different colours, textures and styles.



If Tammy was a Willow Bay bag she would be the Boutique Zip (link) because she is versatile loves to travel and adapts easily to any situation. Despite her fondness for bold colours and quirky patterns she almost always wears black.

Hayley on the other hand, would be an Express Duffel (link), she loves the outdoors, she's a little quirky and unique, pretty with personality. She also tries to live a minimalist life, just don’t ask to see her handbag stash!

Having both previously owned several businesses, Hayley and Tammy truly understand the value of good customer service and pride themselves on creating a versatile range of products that meet a variety of wants and needs.

They genuinely listen to each and every one of their customers and love hearing feedback about their products. Hayley and Tammy personally respond to emails and messages and package each item by hand with care.

Whatever your preference, Willow Bay Australia has something for everyone, from working out, to a night out, from backpacks to clutches, cross-body waist bags to laptop bags, there is a multi-functional option for every need and style.

You can browse the Willow Bay range here (link). To be the first to find out about newest designs and to receive tips on how to style your Willow Bay Australia purchases, you can sign up (link to newsletter signup) to the Willow Bay newsletter.


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