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Behind Every Women Is A Fabulous Handbag

Carrie Bradshaw got it right, behind every women really is a fabulous handbag or a Willow Bay (wink). Our Inspiration didn't stop at Navy, White, Charcoal, Black, Khaki & Sky Blue (breath). Our personalities, mood and outfits determine the colour handbag we need/want/must have! 

We are constantly inspired here at Willow Bay that we have just launched some real beauties. Say a big hello to Confetti Pink, Seattle Grey & our Devine Metallic Collection (Gold, Black & Silver).  

These newbies not only have a matching zip close purse and 100% cotton dust bag but they all come with internal pockets! What more could a girl need. 

Because after all, all you need is love, I mean handbags. 

Shop our new range at 

WB x 



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