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Practical Meets Style - WB Luxe Leather

There's something to be said about accessories that are not only super stylish but also practical and that is exactly what our Luxe Leather Tote is! You would have seen this gorgeous tote on our website and our socials but what you may not have seen is the added extras that this bag has to offer. Let us explain....

Firstly, we crafted this tote with the finest quality top grade leather, its soft yet sturdy and we absolutely love it!

Next we added 'feet' to stop wear on the bottom of the bag. This, along with the structured base creates a super sturdy Tote. 

We have added a matching detachable coin purse.... of course.

And the most practical feature of them all is the removable, washable insert! That's right... this insert can be unclipped and removed so you can wash it and pop it back in. Keeping the actual leather aspect of the tote completely free from the remains of the usual Mary Poppins belongings that most of us so commonly sport. 

The WB Luxe Leather Tote comes in Black, Tan & Champagne and is the perfect tote for those looking for a leather option

RRP: $199.95 available on our website here and in selected stores. 

WB xxx 




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